This is the First Post and it's mostly about The Margins

    Welcome to the somewhat new and improved website!  This poor thing has been left pretty neglected for the past year or so due to work and not always being able to share said work publicly. But I've finished a HUGE project this year; my first ever graphic novel! 

   The Margins, which you'll find more info about in the above navigation bar with a behind the scenes look and preview pages, is illustrated by myself and written by my super talented collaborators David Accampo and Paul Montgomery and published through the amazing Fanbase Press. It will be released on July 23rd, but early pre-orders are being sent out and I've already gotten word from family members out here in L.A. that they've gotten their copy!

   For these special pre-orders I drew a small sketch to go with each book that was purchased, and as I hear that more of them have been received I'll also start posting them on my Instagram which you can see on the right side of this screen. Please check out the book's homepage if you're interested in purchasing a copy! 

   I would also highly recommend checking out the Facebook Page for the book, where we have a bunch of audio interviews featuring myself and David and Paul as well as early reviews that have been coming in. Spoiler, so far the reviews have been really positive! :D 

    And if you happen to be heading down to SDCC next weekend, come stop by the Fanbase Press table to meet David and myself and pick up a copy of the book a few days before the official release! We'll be signing Thursday-Saturday from 3-4, and you can find us at Small Press Table O-03, and check out the Fanbase website for more info on the rest of what Fanbase has planned for SDCC. 

     I think that's all the important stuff! I'll try to be better about keeping this updated going forward, especially with more news about The Margins as it's released. 

Peace out nerds ( v ̄▽ ̄)