Post SDCC Update

I survived and am an emotional mess. 


The release of The Margins this weekend at SDCC went amazingly! I had so much fun at the booth Friday-Saturday with David talking to people interested in the book and signing it for them. We also did a few audio interviews that I'll post here once they are live. 

Saturday was by far our best day, thanks in no small part to the ridiculously kind words by Sara, Jen and Kristen of the Comadres y Comics podcast. They were part of a panel that day, while David and I were at the booth for signings, about Latinx in comics and gave The Margins high enough praise that we got a rush of people coming straight from the panel to buy a copy (also a copy of Quince which you should also check out! )! Hearing that our work is making such a strong connection with readers, especially Latinx and other POC, is a huge honor for me. I hope that everyone who walked away with The Margins this weekend finds something they're looking for in comics in our book. 

The rest of the con was pretty rad and I was able to go to a lot of panels I had wanted to see, including the new Invader Zim movie ohhhh I can't wait ╰(°ㅂ°)╯ also preeeetty sure I exchanged the briefest of words with Doug Jones while going into a swanky party Friday night that David got me into. 



And now I'm basically headed right back out the door to visit family. It's going to be Christmas in July for those nerds with the haul I picked up in the Exhibition Hall.