"But where can I buy a copy of The Margins?" and Convention News

So glad you asked random citizen! The Margins  was officially released on July 23rd, after an amazing early release for the lovely people at SDCC, and has slowly been creeping into comic stores near you! *

*results may vary

You number one place to purchase a copy is going to be at TheMarginsComic.com , where you can buy either a print or digital edition or heck why not both!  It just went up on Comixology last week if you feel like going digital. 


Stores you can check out;

And more to come! 

I'm also going to be at Long Beach Comic Con this weekend (Sept 8-9) with Fanbase Press, taking part in the  Fanbase Press Presents: The Impact of LGBTQ Creators and Readers in Comics panel on Sunday at 4 and hanging out at Booth #700 for FBP from 12:30-2, so come say hi and I can sign your copy of The Margins


If you're closer to Oregon this same weekend you can also catch my author David Accampo at Rose City Oregon, where he'll also have copies on sale. You'll be able to find him under a big ol banner that looks like this with art he blatantly stole from me. 



I think that's it! I'm posting a few new things in the tab for The Margins, and check out my Insta and tumblr for a bevy of dumb but cathartic fanart I've been churning out. 


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